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Tune any instrument using your Android terminal


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Tuner - DaTuner is a tool which will be in charge of converting the fundamental frequency of the nearest musical note, providing an easy and fast way to tune our guitar, ukulele, violin, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica... whatever.

The application interface is thought in a way that the users only have to worry about the music, and nothing else. As soon as we open it we will see an image in the centre with the note being captured at the moment, a decibel indicator on the left and a frequency indicator in Hz just below. That´s it.

The application has an interesting option which will allow us to filter all the notes except the one we want to capture, ignoring the rest of notes and focusing exclusively on the one we have ordered. This will be especially helpful for tuning an instrument quickly in a noisy place.

Tuner - DaTuner is an excellent tuning tool, with a lot of very interesting services. The professional version of the program (this is the LITE) includes even more possibilities for those users who really need a tuner on a regular basis.
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